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luvmydogiz 05-25-2004 01:06 AM

Sorry if this is a completely retarded question, but do I really need a backpack? I'm going to Europe for 2-3 weeks, going to spend some nights in london and paris with people i know, but heading off to other cities in France and Italy on my own, staying in hostels. Should I use a backpack or a travelpack? I was originally going to use my school backpack and a duffel... I ran out and got a backpack today, the only one i could afford is top-loading only (most of the ones there were like that). Also what's a good size daypack? Ahh i just can't figure this out for some reason and i'm leaving in a couple days :( I'd appreciate any suggestions and sorry if this question is already answered somewhere on this site i'm just really really nervous.. thanks

zylah 05-25-2004 01:22 AM

It really depends on how far u need to walk with all your stuff. If when changing hostels its a mater of local transport/taxi to train/ airport and your only doing that a few times u would be ok without a back pack. (i.e. u could even get away with a suitcase)

If your doing any hiking u need a backpack.

If theres travelling along cobbled streets u need a backpack.

It sounds as if your only going to be in about 3 different places and none of them are too out of the way so i think u would be ok w/out one (i know they can be expensive)

Canadian Dude 05-25-2004 03:20 AM luvmydogiz!!! ITs great to have you along for the ride!!!

zylah got the right idea, its all a comfort issue. If your going to be treking about lookinng for places to stay, not knowing if you might end up in an airport that night than a back pack is whatr you'll need to be the most comfortable.


If you know where your staying evrynight, do not plan on treking between cities, not doing a whole lot of detouring from you original plan, going right from one hostel to another without any stops in between than a duffle or regular luggage would be fine.

I had a top loader for most of trips and only got a side loader on my last trip, so you have no worries about the pack you have bought!

here are a couple similar thread to this issue that might give you a bit more help...

Travel packs vs. Hiking Packs
Which one is better?

and yet another backpack vs. luggage question

And there was a another really good one, but I can not find it now...I willl look again tonight and try and post the mean time look in the packing tips and advise section it may be there...

Hope this was of some help to you and don't worry about being nervous....WE WERE ALL THERE!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Carisia 05-25-2004 11:40 AM

Welcome to the boards luvmydogiz!!! :thumbup:

I second everything's that's been said above.

Since you'll be travelling on your own backpacking and staying in hostels some, I'd recommend you go with a good size travel pack. Check out your local sports goods stores or STA Travel store. A lot of them come with a zipper-able daypack that you can attach when you're moving from city to city, but disattach for day to day sightseeing.

I don't recommend the regular, school notebook sized backpack plus the duffel bag combination, b/c a lot of the W. European city infrastructures can be more outdated with no easily accessible escalators and/or elevators, plus if you're doing backpacking style traveling, then you'll be walking a lot, so it will become a hassle carrying the duffel bag around.

With the travelpack and daypack attached in one, you can keep it close to your body wherever you go, and it will be more manageable and make you more mobile.

Keep the questions coming! :thumbup:

wanderer 05-26-2004 08:43 AM

dont forget the digital camera!

if you don't got one, get it rite now :angry:

and post your pics when you get back


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