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Budget Travel Gear Yo Nellie, which backpack should I git? Questions and answers on gear related topics (i.e. backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking boots, stoves, etc.). See Europe by train
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Default School Pack/More?

Looking for a pack for school. Of course with a laptop slot.

Also something that would be useful for future traveling?

Might as well get a decent bag that doesn't rip like the one I have. Granted I am looking for cheap as well.

Also something that is key, is that mesh pocket for a water bottle. Thats probably my most favorite spec on a pack.

Any suggestions?
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my suggestion is jansport or llbean. northface has some good smaller packs, all these can double for travel also. might have to scout around but you should find something good.
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A few months ago I bought a Columbia pack at Dick's Sporting Goods with all those specs. It has a quick access laptop pocket (padded) that has a zipper on the side so you can easily remove it while going through the airport without going into the main, large cargo area. It is slightly larger than a normal daypack which turns out to be a great size. Here is what I bought (except mine is orange):

If you go to the Columbia website they show how the laptop slips into its own pocket, accessible from the side. The Dick's site does not show that. I imagine all the main backpack makers make a similar bag, but I like mine a lot - it is rugged as hell.

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I also got my backpack at Dick's. It's an ADIDAS. It has the laptop slot, two water bottle mesh pockets, a pocket for my Ipod, and enough pouches for me to keep crap. It also has an expandle (though does not zip up) spot, I assume for books for students. I spent like $40 on mine... as I too was looking for something cheap that would have the features I wanted, and could be used for more than just going to class. Thus far I am happy with it, although I haven't used it for anything extensive.

It also has a pocket for your cell phone, which I actually noticed afterwards. It has a couple clips on it, as though you could attach more things to it. Not sure if I would get much use out of them, but who knows.

I don't have a nifty link... but I am sure you could find something similar.

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