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Budget Travel Gear Yo Nellie, which backpack should I git? Questions and answers on gear related topics (i.e. backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking boots, stoves, etc.). See Europe by train
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Default Pack size vs. Trip Length????

Just a quick question I was hoping to get some different feed back on. I'm headed out on a extended trip this fall...anywhere from 4-12 months and I'm going to be buying a new pack for it. So whats some of your opinions on size of pack or what do you usually roll with for that length of trip??? I haven't ever done a trip of this length so I kinda feel out of my element when buying a new pack for this situation.

I'm looking at something around the 50L size...but I'm still uncertain. I want to be able to pack real light just for overall convenience but still want to be able to pick up a few things along the, clothes, trinkets.

Oh and price range...... I'd go up to about 275(can).

Thanks boys and girls!
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I have a Deuter Quantum 70L + 10L attached daysack and absolutely love it. It's big enough to fit in everything I need including souvineers, guide books and bottles of beer for long train journeys, yet has compression straps to keep it as compact as possible when it isn't completely full. Plus the daysack comes in handy for carrying bottles of water, camera and guide book when out and about.

I also chose the size considering the fact I will use it for many more trips to come, which might include going to very cold places where I'd need the room for thicker/more clothes.
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It really depends on what type of packer you are. A person who takes a few pairs of clothes and a few other things could get by with a pack slightly bigger than a school backpack.

I'm heading out on a 12-24 month trip in June and I have a 3100 cu. in. pack. Not big at all compared to some of the monster packs out there. But I'm only packing a few pairs of clothes and the basics. I love that pack.

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I would recommend a front loading travel bag such as this one from Eagle Creek. I took one similar to Europe for 3 months and loved it. This bag has a lot of the same features I found desirable in mine:

1.) Separate section for your shoes etc. (I also put dirty underwear here to stop from stinking my clean clothes)

2.) Water bottle pouch (REAL handy!)

3.) I think, but don't know, that this has the ability to zip up and turn into a duffel bag like sack with the straps neatly tucked away (an absolute must because if it gets caught on anything in an airport, your straps get cut)

I think with even with the USD to CAD conversion this is within your budget. It is best if you can actually see one in person. It is a big investment and you will become very cozy with it!

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