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Budget Travel Gear Yo Nellie, which backpack should I git? Questions and answers on gear related topics (i.e. backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking boots, stoves, etc.). See Europe by train
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So im off to eastern Europe in the summer, but the only sleeping bag i have is a thick winter one ( i bought it for a camping trip in the lake district in january - never again!)

So anyway, how cold will it be? we will be going as far north as St.Petersburg and maybe even helsinki, in July and August. I saw this and wondered if it will be enough. its kind of a really thin sleeping bag, but not sure how warm it would be. We will be staying in hostels all the way so will probably not need it a lot of the time, but pretty much all of our train journeys are night trains, so need to take something.

It weighs 370 grams and packs tiny, so would be ideal for my trip, and it only costs €10. what do you think?

Just out of interest as well, do you think its better to be too cold or too hot when sleeping?
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I found that a sleeping bad was totally unnecessary when traveling around Europe in the summer. Hostels do provide sheets/blankets and even if you have to pay extra for them it's not that much. Not only that, but some hostels do not allow you to use your sleeping bag anyways for health concerns (this way bed bugs and such don't spread between hostels). Couchettes provide their own linens and I found that sleeping on the train is rather comfortable (at least I got a good night's sleep). Some other backkpackers bring a sleep sheet of their own (I heard great things about the silk ones, but they are a bit more expensive) and you can wash it along the way to keep it clean.

If your really are worried about being cold when sleeping on a train or bus get a little synthetic banket. I fess up - I stole mine from the plane and it's perfect! It folds down nice and small and it's very warm.
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It really shouldn't be too cold in the summer - we lived in Lithuania (not quite as far north) but didn't need more than our lightweight duvet in the summer, with the windows open. We took a night train from Poland to Hungary (in August) and were plenty comfortable with the linens provided in the sleeping car. A sleep sheet is a great option - you'd be amazed how much warmer you feel even with such a thin layer of cotton (or silk) around you.

During a bitterly cold train ride into Poland (in April, but still snowy), I hunkered down under a sarong I'd brought along, and felt marginally warmer - it won't be nearly that cold when you're there. I always recommend bringing along a sarong anyway, because they are so handy - if you have a sleep sheet and a sarong to throw over yourself as an extra layer, you should be fine on any train, and all the hostels will have proper bedding.

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You'll be sooo much happier without a sleeping bag! you're back pack will start to feel super heavy as it is without it!
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