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Australia/NZ/S Pac. Backpack´n Kangaroo jack´n down-under...What is Vegemite?

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Hey all
Im leaving on the 21 too go to Oz, and Im pretty much ready too roll, and Im now thinking maybe through my trip I should hit up New Zeland, I ugess the lord of the rings movies were filmed there and its unbelivably nice scenery I was always like ohhhh wow but besides that I dont know anything about NZ what are some other things backpackers check out there ??
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NZ has some of the best scuba diving spots in the world. If you are not already PADI certified you may want to look into it before you leave. If under water adventure is not your cup of tea NZ is host to some of the best Extreme Sport places as well. While I was out there I ended up sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, cliff diving, and down hill moutian biking. So besides the awesome view there are tons of cool things to do!! Plus the people there are the BEST!!! Even if you are traveling alone the locals will all help you out.

Have a great trip and if you can try something new. Trust me the best views some times can not be found on land, but in the air falling at over 100 miles per hour....LOL

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I live in wellington nz i grew up here and have traveled most of nz. I would have to say the best places to go are:

(taupo and rotorua) for extreme sports sky diving/bungy jumping/ zorbing/ white water rafting etc and the good thing is all of these are well priced compared to doing them in other countries There is also a lot of thermal activity here like boiling hot mud pools/ natural hot water pool you can swim in and a lot of history. there is also a volcano you can snow board on between june-november about an hour away from taupo.

auckland for the city life iv never really liked it.

wellington where i live great for a couple of days/great night life and cafe culture there are heaps of free thing to do and great scenary. No point in staying to long tho.

Queenstown- extreme sports/great scenary its the most expensive town in nz but still cheap compared to a european city.

scenary from lord of the rings was filmed all over nz so you will get to se a lot of it. The best think about it is every thing is so cheap a full meal will only set you back $2.5-5 us or 2-3 pounds. transport is very cheap but not domestic flights. hostels are cheap they hardly go over $15 us a night.

hope this helps good luck with your travel
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Hey! Im another Wellingtonian!
Totally agree with the earlia comments, NZ rocks for scenery and all the adventure tourism type stuff. If your thinking of bungying or anything crazy like that definatly do it in NZ.
Otherwise i can also suggest:

The Napier/Gisbourne area has some of the nicest weather and Napier has a funky art deco style in about everthing which is cool.

Nelson is really nice if your into sea kayaking...

The Malborough sounds is just remarkably gorgeous, there are short and long treks through here that are well worth your time.
Ive travelled pretty exstensively through NZ so if you have any ?s just fire away !
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Either of you guys got a couch to crash on? I will be in NZ for about 3 weeks come March. I have a free place in Auckland but the more the merrier!

PM me if your offerin'


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