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Default Urban Central ~ Melbourne

I thought i had posted this ages ago but i guess it never went through, but I wanted to make people aware of urban central in Melbourne.

I really enjoyed this hostel. The location is good as it's close to downtown but just enough out that they give you perks to stay there. I arrived on a Monday morning and used the luggage room to park my stuff and wander around the city. There was a free bbq that night and it really was an all you can eat affair. absolutely delicious.

The kitchen is massive and extremly clean, they also provide free, rice, pasta, tea, coffee, sugar, and milk which is rediculously handy when travelling. There are about 20 industrial sized fridges for everyones stuff and people are generally good about keeping their hands off people's food.

Although it is basically under the highway you'd never know it once in the building. the renovations included sound proofing which is amazing.

The rooms are clean and each floor has it's own function in terms of a common room. 1 and 2nd have plasma screens for tv, 3 (i forget) and 4 is a lirbary for quiet reading or work.

The bar downstairs has stupid cheap jugs of beer before 9 and do a trivia on certain nights where you can win more beer. and if all else fails the casino is only a 2 minute walk (maybe less) so you can win all the beer money you need.

There's more to say but I'll have to add it later.

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I loved this hostel when I stayed there. We went to a comedy night in the bar, it was pretty good. The common areas were also great, except that I was sat trying to read one evening, and a stag party came running through naked, waving their junk around all over the place, haha.

Regardless of that, I second the thumbs up!
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Thanks for the tip guys...I've been here for a few days and it is indeed a great hostel. Especially for solo travelers...a few things I didn't see mentioned:

1) Free breakfast
2) Their bar is a hostel-only bar, which I liked...a lot of big hostels in Australia/NZ have a public bar they're associated with that is too loud and rowdy to really meet anyone. The bar also is sort of a general hangout area, with lots of couches and chairs, video games, billairds, ping pong, and foosball.
3) They organize a nightly meal you can pay in for
4) and like molsongirl mentioned monday is free BBQ night and trivia night
5) They have arranged some legit discounts that you wouldn't otherwise get...like $5 off movie tickets at the casino, etc.

My only complaint is that the bunk beds are pretty noisy when people climb to the top or shift around, but thats a pretty common problem...
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Urban central is a good place to stay... If me and sum mates are ever in the city we will book there... Its nice and handy to the casino/southbank and anything else really you'll be looking to do in Melbourne...

The bar is good, i agree... Have been , even a few times when we have not been staying there... Just a relaxed place to have a beer and a game of pool or whatever before going out!

Enjoy Melbourne!

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A great example of how reviews can help your fellow TPunk!
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