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Asia Truly...a different world. Kazakhstan, Japan, and everything in between. Mekong River, Central Asia deserts, sticky rice, ancient traditions, temples, tuk-tuk... See Europe by train
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China Traveling FAQ

China is a land of exceptional beauty.A series of geoglogical and five -thousand years of history have made China one of the world's most attractive countries from the tourist's viewpoint.

1 Which season is the best season to visit China?

If you like visit China, Spring and Autumn are the best seasons. It’s not very hot . Teachers and students always choose July and August visit China.The cost of traveling is a little bit lower than Spring and Autumn.

2 Which places are worthy to visit?

(1) Beijing

The long history of Beijing as an ancient capital has turned it into a natural museum making Beijing the first choice for tourists to China.Tiananmen Square,the largest city-center square in the world with an area of 44 hectares,can hold as many as 500,000 people.To the north of the square is the symbol of the new China,the Tananmen Rostrum,where the late Chairman Mao proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1,1949.In Beijing You can also visit Great Wall, Summer Palace , and Forbidden City.


Shanghai,whose name means "a port on the sea",is one of the world's largest saeaport and China's major industrial and commercial center.Known to the world as the Orental Pearl,Shanghai is China's major eastern gate to the outside world. Back in the Tang and Song dynasties, Shanghai functioned as China's key foreign trade port and had mercantile ties with Japan,Korea and Southeast Asia. Shanghai has over 70 soites of historical interest and culture relics under the protection of the state and municipal goverments,which best represent the distinctive characteristics of Shanghai regional culture.

3 Xian

Xian is the capital city of Shanxi Province.Xian enjoyed world-wide fame as early as Tang Dynasty as the biggest and most prosperous city of that time.Due to its long history and rich culture,Xian ranks first on the list of China's largest ancient capitals.Xian is the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization.It is from Xian that caravans started on the Silk Road to Europe in the 9th century,changing the Western world.The life -size warrior figures of the 6000 strong terra-cotta armymen,known as the Eighth Wonder of the World.There are other sights like Wild Goose Pagodas,Forests of Steles ,Famen Monastery.These relics are not only the treasures of Chinese culture,but also important parts of world cultural relics.

To be continue
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where else should one visit in china...? more off the beaten path maby?
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Default ridiculous as this amazing...simply because you can buy 2 liter bags of beer with straws in them for less than $1 well as the beaches there are so overcrowded, so between the masses of people and the drunken state of inebriation...Qingdao was a great weekend trip of mine...

you also might want to do a yangzhe river cruise......
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Qingdao, brewery town eh. Haven't been there yet and don't have the time, but beer is generally ridiculously cheap everywhere in China.

I loved Inner Mongolia though. Not the biggest fan of Beijing to be honest, but the Great Wall was great - the Simatai section was fantabulous but more out of the way.

Yellow Cliff Caves in Shanxi were actually really nice too...a lot of China would be that much better if it wasn't so friggin' smoggy here.

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