A Special Thanks to All of These TravelPUNKS!

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TravelPUNKS are an amazing breed of travelers. If you are not a part of this community, then you are sorely missing out on some awesome relationships that you can create with people from around the world.

I got a stack of postcards with inspiring and positive messages from these big gun TPunk’s-

TheJake- from Surprise, AZ (the mastermind behind this magnificent gift! Thanks, bro!)
Blinkchick -from wherever you are these days, babe!
Mooloo- from Wanganui, New Zealand
Maracle- Austin, TX
DC_Jessica (twice!) from Pittsburgh, PA (go steelers!) and Washington DC
MissChick & Slacker- from Loveland, CO
Sijuki- Vegas, baby! NV
Kevin-L – from New York, New York
Indierock05- from Cairns, Queensland, AUS
Lizz- from Wilmington, NC
Raoulduke- from Melbourne, AUS
mb0108- from Ireland
Joe7f (twice!) Gibralter, Spain and Marbella, Spain
Diorama- Wellington, New Zealand
Freespiritz- from Malaysia
Aliz- from Sydney, AUS
jengt- from Costa Rica

These postcards were such a great gift to receive and I am truly blessed to be part of this TravelPUNK family. We look out for our own!

Thanks again, Jake and gang! Westsiiiide!

You can read the real thank you message on our world famous backpacker and student travel message boards.

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